Solid Timber Houses

Timber-built homes are the great architectural freedom. The dry construction and the high output rate realized through solid-timber homes in particular have a number of other things going for them, including:

  • Solid timber has good heat-insulting properties thanks to its high pore percentage and its low weight by value; its insulating power is seven times higher than that of stone.
  • When combined with high-insulation glass and proper insulation in the roof, floors and in-between the interior/ exterior walls, energy consumption in a solid-timber home can be up to 30% lower than in a traditional home.
  • Solid timber also insulates acoustically, thanks to the double-sound insulation between the stories and a 2" thick floating screed.
  • Timber also has excellent self-regulating moisture balance. It breathes and is never 100% airtight.
  • Thanks to the additional insulation and the fact that timber does not store heat, solid-timber houses warm up very quickly during cold weather but remain cool when it is hot outside. You can save on energy and live in comfort at the same time.

Thanks to these advantages solid-timber homes fall under the common denominator of "heathy living“.

The timber used carries the FSC label Asbestos-free sub-roof plates, natural-plaster slabs and chipboards which don’t contain any harmful adhesives.

Our timber beams from Scandinavia are transported to the saw mills by river. The extensive period of time the beams spend in the river water means that harmful juices are soaked out of the timber while all the resin is retained. Furthermore, the high temperatures used during the artificial drying process also destroy any remaining harmful organisms, so that the timber’s long life span is guaranteed and fungi don’t stand a chance. This process also protects the timber against shrinkage and swelling.

Finally, the amount of energy used in timber processing is low, there is hardly any waste and new trees are planted when old ones are cut.

Besides building in a healthy and environmentally friendly fashion, Mi Casa also builds astonishingly quickly. Rigid planning, seamless coordination and thorough follow-up means that turnkey building projects are completed within four to five months.

Because solid-timber houses are light –they weight about one third of a traditional brick house - foundations are easier and cheaper to pour.

And because the building methods comply with Swiss fire regulations, standard fire-insurance rates apply.

But Mi Casa does not only want to built safe, functional, durable and comfortable homes. They also stand for beautiful, personalized homes in which both the architecture and decoration are tailored to the principal’s philosophy and personal wishes.

Some advantages in brief:

  • Excellent thermic isolation
  • High living comfort & timeless style
  • Healthy living environment
  • High natural resistance due to selected and dried wood
  • Low energy costs
  • Compliance with Minergie standards
  • Short construction time